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406eba40401c4dba933d6f22069221a2 f143 - The FHC Difference   For nearly 50 years, Family Home Care has been a trusted name in our communities. Our reputation is based on our legacy of having the best employees providing compassionate service that exceeds national benchmarks and, more importantly, the expectations of our wonderful clients!

Our staff makes the difference…

ef89cb4bcd771c730027c1f96046fcd8 f142 - The FHC Difference   Family Home Care has carefully created a culture where we appreciate our staff. We have built a best-in-class compensation and benefits program which means we can attract exceptional employees. Our employees are loyal to the organization and to our clients with better than average length of service. Our team of professionals exceed a combined 600 years of home care experience! No wonder we have been named by our employees as one of the top 100 employers in Washington State six times!

“Family Home Care is the place to go for home are. I have no reservations about them. The caregivers are excellent because they are well trained and know their jobs.”

~Peter S. (August 2015)

Worthy of trust…

6a2b22b574b0d6d647dbbc44fb447028 f141 - The FHC Difference   Everything we do and how we handle concerns is motivated by earning the trust of our clients, their families, and our community. Of course we are human, and our staff of over 200 are not perfect. What a company does to resolve concerns is often what can set them apart from the others – that is one way we earn the trust of families on our community! Our culture holds high standards but also provides the training, support, and guidance necessary for our staff to achieve those high standards.

406eba40401c4dba933d6f22069221a2 f143 - The FHC Difference   We provide an access portal called “The Family Room” where you can view your loved one’s details, including their schedule for care, their custom care plan, and tasks completed by the caregiver. You can even update medications, see invoices, and communicate with the office!

“Having Family Home Care has made all of our lives better. I don’t have to worry as much about my father. He is taken care of, along with being able to keep some of his independence.”

~Daughter of David D. (September 2015)

Real Case Management…

c5f72d733a15b9a8341005549e412c58 f140 - The FHC Difference   Unlike many home care agencies, FHC employs a team of nurses who actively provide case management and ensure that the best possible care is given in the home. This ensures quality care! More importantly, we have prevented illnesses, improved medical conditions, coordinated complex care, and even saved lives through our excellent case management team!

“The communication has been great. The service coordinator comes to the house to make sure that we are satisfied with our services. I really appreciate that they do that. It show that they care about what they are doing.”

~ William R (December 2014)

We deliver…

Family Icon Green - The FHC Difference   Many companies offer home care services. So what is the difference? Give Family Home Care a call and you’ll discover for yourself why we are the trusted provider in your community!

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“Our purpose is to keep them in their home, where they can feel comfortable, and where they can best recover.”

~FHC Care Giver