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FHC Testimonials

There are many reasons why people choose FHC:

“Because they care (FHC). They care about me and in turn I care about my clients, and it’s a big circle.”
~ Lynn
~ FHC Premier Care

“The independence is important, to retain that as long as possible.”
~ Roberta
~ Daughter of Patient

“My dad was in the nursing home for five years before he died. And I hope that someone cared enough about my father to take good care of him, as I’m trying to do with others.”
~ Chuck
~ FHC Health Care

“It is comforting to know that they can still be on their own.”
~ Roberta
~ Daughter of Patient

“Well, She’s just great. When she say’s she’s gonna be here, she’s here on time. And we just get along. She’s just wonderful.”
~ Viola
~ FHC Patient