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Your Personal Safety Response Connection

Family Home Care has been trusted for your care, peace of mind, and safety for over 51 years right here in the Spokane area. We now are furthering our pursuit to provide you with the very best peace of mind and safety available by introducing our new CareLink services. With FHC’s CareLink Services, seniors and at-risk individuals are given the freedom they desire to stay safe, independent, and at-home. With help from our friendly Care Center only a click of the button away, your or your family’s hope for a more quality life is now possible.

24 hours a day
7 days a week, 365 day a year

We understand the social, emotional, and financial benefits of living independently in your own home. This is why Family Home Care’s mission is to be the foremost provider of comprehensive in-home care and to deliver compassionate service. CareLink, is just one more solution offered by Family Home Care to benefit the families of our communities. CareLink gives the gift of peace of mind and feeling safe in the comfort of your own home, because help is only a click away – every day, any time.

The CareLink Difference

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406eba40401c4dba933d6f22069221a2 f143 - CareLink   Our medical alert systems are easy-to-use and feature the smallest medical alert pendants in the industry.

ef89cb4bcd771c730027c1f96046fcd8 f142 - CareLink   Our friendly Care Center representatives are right here in the US and have the highest level of certification – the Five Diamond CSAA Certification.

6a2b22b574b0d6d647dbbc44fb447028 f141 - CareLink   CareLink is more than a “just for emergencies” monitoring service as so often stated by others in the industry.  CareLink is your personal safety device and not limited to “just emergencies.” Whether you are worried about getting the mail on a stormy day or a stranger knocks on your door at an unexpected time, our Care Center is there for you and will remain on the line to ensure your safety and feeling of well-being.  Maybe you just want to test the unit to ensure it is working correctly.  Our friendly staff will answer the call, confirm they hear you just fine and even wish you a good day.  It doesn’t matter the occasion, if you are worried – we are here for you.

c5f72d733a15b9a8341005549e412c58 f140 - CareLink  No penalties or hidden costs, just the warm feeling of knowing you are never alone.  Often times our elderly family members encounter one or more tasks a day that frighten them.  With CareLink they won’t have face that act alone.  They can face their challenges worry free, knowing that if something happens help is on the way.

Have Questions? Order CareLink services?

Simply call 509-473-4949. We’ll be happy to assist!

“Help is just one button away”

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(Most companies charge $50-$100)

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Our Care Center is right here

in the USA!

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“Having my CareLink button makes me feel so much safer, lets me enjoy life with more confidence.”

~ Irene
~ CareLink Client featured below with her great-granddaughter