Thinking about becoming a caregiver?

  • Many who have experienced the impact of a caregiver personally feel the "call" to work and contribute as a caregiver.
  • The State of Washington requires certain certifications and license to work as a Home Care Aide, however there are ways to obtain these credentials.
  • Some have a great amount of experience serving a family member of friend but have not worked professionally or have a license making it difficult to find a job as a caregiver. 

What are the options?

  • Family Home Care works with a couple of schools that can help provide the necessary training to qualify for the license.
  • It is possible to work during the training period under certain circumstances, this helps to accumulate experience (not to mention pay) to help further your career.
  • Family Home Care has offered scholarships to assist with the cost associated with the tuition and license fees in exchange for an agreement to work for FHC for a period of time.  Amounts and length of service varies. 

Can I work for FHC without experience?

  • The Short answer is YES!
  • Caregiving is more about personality and fit for us, and if lacking, we will help you obtain the skills to accompany your desire to serve.
  • Complete an application (by clicking on the left) which will give us the opportunity to learn more about you and determine the best course of action to proceed!