See Frequently Asked Questions below:

Why choose to work in home care?

Most with experience as a nurse’s aide knows what it is like to run from room to room to answer a call light and sometimes wishing they could just spend a little more time with their patients to provide that TLC they got into the industry to provide.  Home Care allows just that. The one-on-one, high quality, and deeply personal care that fulfills your day while also providing the client with a fuller measure of care.  Instead of being in a sterile institutional environment, most home care clients receive this care in their own home where they tend to be much happier and are able to lead more fulfilling lives.  This is why we do what we do!

Why choose Family Home Care as the agency to work for?

Family Home Care has been recognized as one of the top 100 places to work in Washington five times.  Why?  FHC cares about our employees and it shows.  Via compensation, benefits, and other incentives all the way to culture and how we treat and train our staff – everything emphasizes the respect and gratitude we have for our excellent staff.  This is just one element as to why our staff has a longevity much longer than industry standards.  FHC has experience:  we have been in business longer than any other home care agency in town – since 1966.  In addition to our history, we are quite large.  Serving hundreds of clients each week, we are able to match the right client with the right caregiver more often. 

What is the best part of working at Family Home Care?

Flexible schedule!  You tell us when you are available to work and we will schedule within that availability! This kind of flexibility is rare and is wonderful for those who wish to have greater control over when they work.  

What is the worst part of working for Family Home Care?

Because of the nature of Home Care, clients hours and needs change from time to time.  This can result in changes to your schedule and the amount of hours you are getting.

What is a typical shift like working for Family Home Care?

Shifts can vary in length from 2 to 10 hours.  When arriving, you can use FHC’s telephonic system to check messages and clock into your shift.  A written care plan with detailed instructions on each shift is in the home and any changes to the plan will be communicated through your personal voicemail.  The Care Plan tasks can vary from client to client and may include companionship, personal care, respite, transportation and shopping, medication assistance, end of life care,  pet care, meal planning and preparation, and excellent customer service to meet our client’s needs. 

What types of clients does Family Home Care serve?

Most clients are geriatric.  Some of our clients have been with FHC for over ten years and we are serving some at the end of their life.  All clients are contracted with FHC.  FHC does accept Medicaid and participates in a few grants that allow us to provide services for other demographics as well, including pediatric clients!

What kinds of training do you offer?

We provide an extensive orientation upon hire to prepare you for working for FHC.  As a certified agency, we also offer Delegation training and state approved Continuing Education hours.  Our training regimen is constantly being updated in keeping with changing regulations or desired skills to best meet the needs of our clients.   

What certifications or experience do you require upon hiring?

CNA (NAC), HCA, or NAR with proof of working as a NAR in 2011, or must be able to receive NAC or HCA in 200 days. We are looking for candidates who exhibit a passion for care.  We prefer to see experience in home care, assisted living, adult family homes, or skilled nursing facilities.  Extensive unpaid caregiving will be considered. 

What Benefits do you offer?

Medical Plan, Vision, Dental, Life, 401k and more.  Please see our page here to learn more.

How soon do I get Benefits?

Must work an average of 20 or more hours a week. Enrollment is the 1st of the month after 60 days of employment.

How much does FHC pay?

It depends on your location, licensure, and experience. Annual increases are offered based on performance and budget.  Multiple incentive programs are offered in recognition for excellent caregiving.  FHC always pays overtime for hours worked over 40 per week.  We do not have exempt caregiving staff (used by many agencies for live-in shifts).

How many hours will I get at FHC?

With hundreds of clients and hundreds of caregivers, we always strive to schedule your desired number hours, however as demand fluctuates, we may ask you to work more hours or schedule you for less hours than you prefer.

Do I have to work weekends at FHC?

To ensure our clients are receiving the care they need, we ask that you are available to work four weekend days a month with at least 4 hours of availability.  You may or may not be scheduled to work these days.  The two days do not have to be consecutive and does not have to be both Saturday and Sunday.

What do I do to apply?

If you feel that you are a great fit for FHC, please go here to apply.