FHC way pay is the way FHC recognizes excellence amongst its valued field staff.  Earn it from compliments from clients, employees, or positive survey data.  Earn it for taking "hero" shifts or earning employee recognition awards.  We also award FHC way pay to employees on their birthday and anniversary and for participation in meetings.  You never know when you might earn some!  

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You will be able to click here to find your Way Pay Balance

FHC Merchandise

Choose from a variety of FHC branded products like lip balm, highlighters, purse hooks, key chains, and more!

10 Way Pay Points

FHC Merchandise

Choose from larger FHC branded merchandise options like mugs and lunch totes.

20 Way Pay Points

Movie Tickets 

Choose between AMC or Regal Theaters

1 Adult Ticket: 75 Way Pay Points

2 Adult Tickets: 140 Way Pay Points




Paid Time Off

This PTO goes into your PTO bank and is usable just like normal PTO for vacations or leave!

2 Hours: 100 Way Pay Points

4 Hours: 190 Way Pay Points

8 Hours: 375 Way Pay Points

FHC branded Shirts or Scrubs

Choose from a variety of scrub top or polo shirt options in many colors and styles!

100 Way Pay Points

Gift Cards

Choose from a large variety of gift cards available including restaurants, department stores, movies, and more!

$25 Gift Card: 100 Way Pay Points 

$50 Gift Card: 190 Way Pay Points

$100 Gift Card: 375 Way Pay Points




Small Appliances

Based on available items in stock (talk with HR about what is available) may include kitchen, bath, and household appliances and gadgets.

100 Way Pay Points

Triple Play Family Fun Center

Good for an all-day activity pass for one adult.

150 Way Pay Points

Silverwood Theme Park

Good for one adult ticket for Silverwood Theme Park and Boulder Beach Water Park!  Come Join the fun!

175 Way Pay Points


Sixty minute massage with a licensed massage therapist.  Locations may vary, we will always look for the most desirable location for the recipient.  

250 Way Pay Points