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Congratulations to our February employees of the month! We appreciate you!

Spokane/NI = Tiffany T.

Palouse = Kaetlyn R.

Boise = Tessa W.

Tri = Sydney O.

FHC Employee Updates


At the end of February, Family Home Care will be alternating our pay dates to be paid on the alternate Fridays. See the schedule below:

February 9th: Normal Pay Day
February 23rd: Normal Pay Day
March 2nd: 1 Week of Pay (for Feb18th – 24th)
March 16th: New Normal Pay Day
March 30th: Normal Pay Day

2018 Payroll Calendar


ClearCareGo app Updates

News flash: It is here!  ClearCareGo app for iOS is live! Here is a tip sheet to help you get going: ClearCareGo Caregiver Tutorial

Important Reminder! Please be sure you allow automatic updates for the app, OR manually update on a regular basis to access all the new features/updates!

New Features of ClearCareGo app!

  1. Fingerprint log in
  • You can now set up your log in for the app via a fingerprint scan.
  • Simply click on the fingerprint icon next to the sign in and follow the instructions.
  • No more typing in your password!
  1. Mileage
  • The mileage area now displays 2 digits.
  • This is used for errand miles only! Your travel miles are calculated automatically by ClearCare.
  • Please give simple 2-3-word description of errands completed as this prints to the client’s invoice. For example:
    • Grocery store
    • Doctors appt
    • Drive to the park
  1. Unverified Location

ClearCare will NOT let you clock in without verifying your location.

  • Make sure your location services are turned on.
  • Make sure you give the ClearCareGo app permission to use location services.
    • If you use your web browser to clock in through ClearCare online, rather than the ClearCareGo app, you will need give your browser permission to use the location services.
  • IF you cannot log in on the app or ClearCare online, use the clients phone and call the telephony number on your badge to clock in.
    • Do not call the office until you have tried telephone clock in from the client’s phone. The State requires verified location at the client’s home, and if the office clocks you in we cannot verify location for the State. Thank you for complying with this State mandated requirement.


Enhanced 401(k) Benefit!

Exciting news! FHC has just enhanced our 401(k) benefit! Starting immediately, participants will receive a 100% match of their deferral of up to 4% of their compensation. That’s more free money from FHC towards your retirement savings! There is a 4-year graded vesting system for FHC matched funds. All FHC employees who are over age 21 and have been employed for 90 days are eligible to participate. To sign up, just head to Your user name is your SSN and your password will be your birthdate (MMDDYYYY). Further instructions attached below.

FB Participant Enrollment Instructions


Policy Change

Effective January 1st, 2018, the Spokane Sick and Save Leave law expired, and Washington Initiative 1433 took effect. Therefore, FHC has updated our Sick and Save Leave policy for all employees. Please see below:

Time Off Policy Revised 01.01.18


Big News!

Effective January 1st, 2018, Family Home Care is merging with Family Resource Home Care, based in Seattle. Read the FAQ’s below to learn more.

Meger FAQ’s


Online vulnerable adult abuse reporting is now available at:

Public users now have the ability to submit an APS report online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The information that the reporter provides regarding the situation is consistent with all other types of APS reports. The reporter will have the ability to select if they would like a return phone call. A report confirmation number is automatically generated at the end of the online reporting process.

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